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Records of Bahrain 1966–1971
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ISBN: (13) 978-1-84097-170-5
Extent: 6 volumes, 4,876 pages

Editor: A. Burdett
ISBN: (10) 1-85207-170-3
Published: 2006
Paper: Printed on acid free paper
Binding: Library binding with gilt finish
See sample pages: not available

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In these 5000 pages Archive Editions presents a comprehensive collection of original British government documents detailing the history of Bahrain between 1966 and 1971. Also published are two collections running from 1820 up to 1960 and 1961 to 1965.

The years 1966-71 are of particular interest to researchers because of the intense political and diplomatic activity engendered by the announcement of the British, in 1968, of their intention to withdraw from the Gulf States by 1971. The British records are of particular interest too because the British were in the unique position of being at the heart of government in the Gulf states. They administered Bahrain’s foreign and defence affairs through treaty relations from as early as 1820 and despite a convention acknowledging the independence of Bahrain agreed in 1913, right up to the British withdrawal in 1971.
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Historical Overview

From the Introduction by A. Burdett
 “The period under review, 1966-71, reflects the end of an era in Bahrain’s historic relationship with Great Britain and the emergence of an independent, sovereign state. Important themes are the re-organisation of internal government, the resolution of the Iranian claim to Bahrain, involvement in Gulf unity plans and the decision to withdraw from the proposed union, paving the way for independence in 1971.
Bahrain participated initially in unity talks with other Gulf States, encouraged by the British, to formulate a working confederation. A major obstacle to Bahraini membership and independence (whether legitimate or not) was the on-going Iranian claim that Bahrain was part of Iranian territory. However, following a modification in the Iranian position, an “Ascertainment Exercise” was painstakingly negotiated between the two countries and undertaken in 1970 by Signor Winspeare Guiccaiardi, under United Nations aegis, to determine if any legitimate support for Bahrain’s connection to Iran was evident. Concluding that there was no local support for this, the Iranian claim was formally dropped. Bahrain then decided it did not require the security of membership of any Gulf Union, and opted for complete independence on 15 August 1971, thereby ending 150 years of special treaty relations with Great Britain, during which period Britain had been responsible for Bahrain’s foreign relations and defence, as well as placing its relations with other Gulf States on a different footing.
Concomitant with the planned British withdrawal from Aden, first announced in 1966, were plans for improved local defence, major physical and administrative alterations to the airport, new membership of international organisations, and renewed attempts to resolve regional boundary disputes.”
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Documentary Importance

Understanding the Series

The three sections of the Records of Bahrain Series combine to create a large collection which offers historical evidence for the political, economic and social evolution of Bahrain. Such evidence improves our understanding of the modern political position of Bahrain in the Persian Gulf. This large body of documents includes, for example, examination of frontier negotiations and questions of sovereignty, particularly the claim to Bahrain by Iran and the long-running dispute with Qatar; it also provides details of constitutional, military and defence developments. 
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Arrangement of volumes

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Contents Outline

Material has been arranged within each volume according to broad subjects including internal political affairs, social and economic development, regional and international relations. Within these general divisions documents are presented chronologically. Some highlights from the volumes include:

Volume 1 : 1966 
Volume 2 : 1967–1968 
Volume 3 : 1968
Volume 4 : 1969 
Volume 5 : 1970 
Volume 6 : 1971 

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Key documents

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Editor's Introduction

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