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Arabian Boundaries 1961–1965
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ISBN: (13) 978-1-84097-237-5
Extent: 10 volumes, 6,500 pages

Editor: R. Schofield
ISBN: (10) N/A
Published: 1997
Paper: Printed on acid free paper
Binding: Library bindings with gilt finish
See sample pages: not available

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The Arabian Boundaries: New Documents series possesses a broader geographical scope than its forerunner, Arabian Boundaries: Primary Documents. It seeks to present the key documentation dealing with annual territorial developments not just within the Arabian Peninsula but other areas of the Middle East covered by existing Archive Editions publications dealing with border and territorial disputes, namely Palestine Boundaries 1883-1947 and The Iran–Iraq Border 1840–1958. Material within this new series will also serve to augment that included within the collection on the territorial affairs of Arabia, Arabian Boundary Disputes, which traces the evolution of the framework of Arabian state territory from its origins in international diplomacy to the present day.

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Historical Overview

An appreciation of Arabia´s territorial history is essential for an understanding of contemporary political events in the region. Boundaries were originally defined by Britain to protect her interests in the area but it is the relatively new, independent states of the Gulf and the peninsula who have to live within this imposed territorial framework. This has not always been easy and boundary disputes remain a ready source of friction between many neighbouring states. Key documents have been identified which either specifically define the various boundaries concerned or throw direct light on their origin or evolution. Thus the records presented include treaties, letters, telegrams, memoranda and notes, the latter often being diplomatic summaries and assessments. The events described include negotiations, agreements, disputes, incursions and claims. This 6500 page work includes the territorial relations between Saudi Arabia and the Aden Protectorate; Imamate of Yemen and Transjordan; Iraq and Kuwait; Bahrain and Qatar; the Trucial Coast (UAE) and Oman.
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Documentary Importance

These 10 volumes represent the core of the released material from British Government archives dated between 1960 and 1965. They form the sequel to the Archive Editions standard work Arabian Boundaries: Primary Documents 1853-1960 (30 volumes). The documents in the new volumes highlight crisis points, negotiations and resolutions in boundary affairs. The 1964 volumes bear testimony to the continuation of long-established disputes such as the Buraimi question, and the disputes between Bahrain and Qatar, Iraq and Kuwait, and Muscat and the Aden Protectorate. The correspondence of 1965 witnesses an important stage in the evolution of the contemporary political map of Arabia, including the Saudi–Jordanian border agreement, the Qatar–Saudi Arabia boundary agreement, and agreement to partition of the Neutral Zone by Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.
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Arrangement of volumes

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Contents Outline

Volumes 1 & 2: 1961
Volumes 3 & 4: 1962
Volumes 5 &6: 1963
Volumes 7 & 8: 1964 
Volumes 9 & 10: 1965

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Key documents

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Editor's Introduction

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