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Records of Yemen 1798–1960
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ISBN: (13) 978-1-85207-370-1
Extent: 16 volumes, 12,000 pages, including 1 map box, prints & photos

Editor: Doreen Ingrams, and Leila Ingrams
ISBN: (10) 1-85207-370-5
Published: 1993
Paper: Printed on acid free paper
Binding: Library binding with gilt finish. The front cover carries the Yemeni crest.
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The prospect of unification of the Yemen in 1990 prompted the beginning of work on this collection which is likely to remain unrivalled as the definitive source work for the history of the region. Five years of research, including privileged access to ancient and fragile archives now closed to public view, have culminated in an extensive collection of key original documents reproduced in facsimile from British government files, detailing the history of the affairs of the Imams of Sana´a and the Aden Colony and Protectorate. The important historical material in this work provides scholars, administrators and diplomats with an extensive and importance repertoire of primary documents reflecting the history of the Yemen. 
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Historical Overview

Early volumes reveal the legendary fascination of ´Arabia Felix´ (as the Yemen was once known), the competition of European powers for the coffee trade and the arrival of the British, by force, in Aden in 1839. The later volumes show the political instability of the post-war period which was to lead to the departure of the British in 1967. For much of the modern period the volumes provide evidence for the development of the Imamate in the north, the Aden Colony and Protectorate in the south, the impact of the British and Ottoman empires, and the complex political relations between Sana´a and Aden.
The documents trace the ferment of conflict and shifting allegiances between the tribes. Negotiations and treaties on boundary affairs are examined in detail and the Saudi-Yemeni flashpoints of the twentieth century are fully covered.
The collection is magnificent - illustrated with historic prints, photographs and maps, including colour plates and full-colour maps. 
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Documentary Importance

Doreen Ingrams and Leila Ingrams brought to their editorship a long personal knowledge of the Yemen. Their work has included writings and exhibitions on its history, culture and social writings and exhibitions on its history. Doreen and her husband Harold, the distinguished administrator, traveller and writer, first went to Aden in 1934 and were the first Europeans to live in Hadhramawt. They shared the Gold Medal of the Royal Geographical Society and the Lawrence Medal of the Royal Central Asian Society. Both received the Richard Burton Memorial Medal of the Royal Asiatic Society. Leila was their daughter and spent her early childhood in the Yemen which she frequently revisited.


The publishers and editors acknowledge with thanks the assistance of the British Library (Oriental and India Office Collections) in granting access to the Aden records.

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Arrangement of volumes

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Contents Outline

Landmarks In The Recorded History Of The Yemen:

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Key documents

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The prints and photographs include:

The folding maps and views, some in colour, include:

The colour plates include:

The maps in the text include: 

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Editor's Introduction

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