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Records of Qatar 1961-1965
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ISBN: (13) 978-1-85207-780-8
Extent: 5 volumes, 3,170 pages

Editor: A. Burdett
ISBN: (10) 1-85207-780-8
Published: 1997
Paper: Printed on acid free paper
Binding: Library binding with gilt finish. Front cover carries the Qatari crest.
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These 5 volumes cover events concerning Qatar from 1961–1965 and the intention with this collection was to gather together all the relevant documents so that the level of detail covering the events is much greater than in the set covering 1820–1960, although the time period is much shorter.
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Historical Overview

Some important themes run through this period including the disagreement over naming a successor to Shaikh Ahmad bin Ali al-Thani as several different branches of the al-Thani family were competing to gain recognition as rightful heirs. Mounting financial difficulties and extravagant spending by some ruling family members forced the ruler to look for loans from abroad and caused internal pressure for reform of the administration, with some new legislation coming through in 1962.
Territorial issues continued such as the unresolved southern boundary with Saudi Arabia, the Halul Island dispute and the land boundary dispute with Abu Dahbi. In 1962 the disputed seabed claim against Bahrain went to review and reassessed the 1947–8 award. In 1965 an agreement was signed by Shaikh Yamani of Saudi Arabia and Shaikh Khalifah bin Hamad al-Thani east of the Riyadh line, in the Salwa area and the seabed dispute with Bahrain was resolved in an agreement in June.

In 1964 a law was passed establishing an Advisory Council composed of 15 members of the ruling family under the chairmanship of the Ruler and problems of internal security were considered in the light of anti-ruler propaganda. The records show the views of Shaikh Khalifah, the Deputy Ruler, on the need for modernisation and his oppositional position to Dr Kamel, the Director-General of the Qatar Government which eventually led to the resignation of Dr Kamel.
OPEC encouraged Qatar to seek higher oil revenues from Shell, and although labour troubles plagued the Qatar Petroleum  Company, and various concession areas were disputed,  on the whole revenues were up giving the government increased reserves and making a more stable economy.
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Documentary Importance

Understanding the series

These three titles combine to create a large collection which offers historical evidence for the political, economic and social evolution of Qatar. Such evidence improves our understanding of the modern political position of Qatar. It includes, for example, examination of frontier negotiations and questions of sovereignty; constitutional, military and defence developments.
Most of the documents reproduced for the period pre-1947 are found in the India Office Records. Papers for the period 1947–1971 are chiefly found at the National Archives, London. File references are given for the benefit of researchers.
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Arrangement of volumes

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Contents Outline

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Key documents

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Editor's Introduction

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